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1.a brass instrument without valves
2.any of various low-growing annual or perennial evergreen herbs native to Eurasia
3.a tubular glass or plastic bead sewn onto clothing for decoration bugle v.
1.play on a bugle

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  • buggy whip
  • buggy
  • bugginess
  • buggery
  • bugger off
  • bugger all
  • bugged
  • bugbear
  • bugbane
  • buganda
  • bugle call
  • bugler
  • bugleweed
  • bugloss
  • bugologist
  • bugology
  • buhl
  • build
  • build in
  • build on
  • tete a tete
  • exponential decay
  • underrating
  • lag bolt
  • choleric
  • tektite
  • capacitate
  • driving belt
  • lari
  • punished

  • Idiom of the Day

    kick the bucket
    to die
    The man who used to clean the building kicked the bucket last week.

    S1: Over the centuries the face of the earth has become crowded with monuments and memorials.
    S6: We must have more space for building new things and developing open countryside.

    P: Films, pictures and even miniature models can be made of the relics for posterity interested in knowing about them.
    Q: Some people however would contend that antiquity should be preserved for future generations.
    R: If they were all to be preserved we will have very little space for other, more useful, things.
    S: Personally, I do not agree with their contention.

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    We all have a primitive animal brain, located at the back of the head, which contains violent, immoral and irrational responses to events the kind any one or two year old experiences when frustrated, hungry or over tired. Thankfully, we also have a neo cortex, located behind our forehead, which is responsible for controlling these urges. For example, you may sometimes experience the urge to attack because your spouse has hurt your feelings or was not available when you were in distress. Notice when you do not follow these initial responses. Be proud of these victories. Self-control is the basis of self-respect. You'll have endless opportunities to practice! One of the biggest acts of self-control is to be silent when you cannot think of a respectful way to talk about your feelings.

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