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1.United States horticulturist who developed many new varieties of fruits and vegetables and flowers (1849-1926)

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  • burbage
  • bura
  • bur-reed family
  • bur reed
  • bur oak
  • bur marigold
  • bur grass
  • bur
  • buphthalmum salicifolium
  • buphthalmum
  • burberry
  • burble
  • burbling
  • burbly
  • burbot
  • burchell's zebra
  • burden
  • burden of proof
  • burdened
  • burdenless
  • clematis virginiana
  • family cotingidae
  • sensorimotor
  • conspiracy
  • multiparous
  • crab apple
  • oral cancer
  • beggarman
  • genus catalpa
  • yeastlike

  • Idiom of the Day

    my God
    used to express surprise or shock
    "My God, we are going to hit the other car!"

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    My neighbor is quite forgetful and sometimes I think that he has (become a little crazy).

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    Light and Bright

    The owner of this Alberta farmhouse skipped curtains to lighten up the room s look and maximize views of the scenic property. Minimalist iron and glass pendant fixtures cast plenty of light on the work spaces without blocking sight lines, while wooden shelves, countertops, and stool seats add warmth.

    Chourishi Systems