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1.commit a burglary

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  • burglarious
  • burglar alarm
  • burglar
  • burgher
  • burgh
  • burgess
  • burgeon forth
  • burgeon
  • burg
  • burette
  • burglarize
  • burglarproof
  • burglary
  • burgle
  • burgomaster
  • burgoo
  • burgoyne
  • burgrass
  • burgrave
  • burgundy
  • genus fraxinus
  • sashimi
  • ram's-head lady's slipper
  • general relativity theory
  • cancer magister
  • mixed drink
  • outage
  • forelimb
  • retentivity
  • indo-aryan

  • Idiom of the Day

    ships that pass in the night
    people who meet briefly by chance but are unlikely to meet again
    We were like two ships that pass in the night and I do not think that I will ever see that person again.

    ________ they apologise, I'll drop the matter.

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    San Francisco 49ers

    Forbes reports that Levi Stadium, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers which opened in 2014 and a venue that will be used for other events, have a value of $1.2 billion. That alone is not why the San Francisco 49ers are worth so much, but it doesn t hurt. What is a worry is that the football operations of the 49ers has been a mess as of late. Head coach Jim Harbaugh reportedly had numerous spats with management before leaving the club to become the coach of the Michigan Wolverines. Say whatever you will about his methods. Harbaugh was successful in San Francisco, and new head coach Jim Tomsula has some big shoes to fill.Current Value: $2.7 Billion

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