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1.resembling a burr

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  • burrito
  • burrill bernard crohn
  • burrhus frederic skinner
  • burrfish
  • burred
  • burrawong
  • burr-headed
  • burr oak
  • burr marigold
  • burr drill
  • burro
  • burro deer
  • burroughs
  • burrow
  • burry
  • bursa
  • bursa omentalis
  • bursal
  • bursar
  • bursary
  • genus blarina
  • well-ordered
  • crazed
  • anastigmatic lens
  • indirect request
  • blue ribbon jury
  • genus loiseleuria
  • family megatheriidae
  • rauwolfia
  • simultaneity

  • Idiom of the Day

    take (something) by storm
    to capture something by a sudden or very bold attack
    The army took the town by storm and was able to capture all of the enemy soldiers.

    If something becomes very popular, it catches on.

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  • Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns

    Amazing Rangoli Designs And Patterns 13

    This is another rangoli that can be used for Laxmi puja and other similar religious festival at your home. Bright pink shades along with orange, white and yellow shades are used to give thisrangolia vibrant look. This one is sure to catch the attention of all your guests.

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