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1.a telegram sent abroad

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  • cable's length
  • cable tramway
  • cable television service
  • cable television
  • cable system
  • cable railway
  • cable length
  • cable car
  • cable
  • cabinetwork
  • cabman
  • cabochon
  • cabomba
  • cabomba caroliniana
  • cabombaceae
  • caboodle
  • caboose
  • cabot
  • cabotage
  • cabriolet
  • slightingly
  • genus ocimum
  • distensible
  • come-on
  • die-cast
  • chinese anise
  • symbolically
  • beading plane
  • dichromasy
  • rotating shaft

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep up an act
    to act in a way that is different from one's natural behavior
    The woman is trying to keep up an act even though she has almost no money.

    We are heirs ________ the glorious culture of ancient India.

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  • Ideas To Improve Student Motivation

    Make goals high but attainable

    If you re not pushing your students to do more than the bare minimum, most won t seek to push themselves on their own. Students like to be challenged and will work to achieve high expectations so long as they believe those goals to be within their reach, so don t be afraid to push students to get more out of them.

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