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1.a telegram sent abroad

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  • cable's length
  • cable tramway
  • cable television service
  • cable television
  • cable system
  • cable railway
  • cable length
  • cable car
  • cable
  • cabinetwork
  • cabman
  • cabochon
  • cabomba
  • cabomba caroliniana
  • cabombaceae
  • caboodle
  • caboose
  • cabot
  • cabotage
  • cabriolet
  • megrim
  • jet plane
  • hooded sheldrake
  • pathological
  • dig in
  • moliere
  • pinus pungens
  • port orford cedar
  • brachium
  • librettist

  • Idiom of the Day

    in any case/event
    no matter what happens, surely, without fail
    I may not be able to meet you next week but in any case I will give you the books before then.

    She was promoted ________ manager.

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