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1.a telegram sent abroad

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  • cable's length
  • cable tramway
  • cable television service
  • cable television
  • cable system
  • cable railway
  • cable length
  • cable car
  • cable
  • cabinetwork
  • cabman
  • cabochon
  • cabomba
  • cabomba caroliniana
  • cabombaceae
  • caboodle
  • caboose
  • cabot
  • cabotage
  • cabriolet
  • winged pigweed
  • nickname
  • criminological
  • praseodymium
  • come to mind
  • genus acrocarpus
  • apatite
  • property line
  • raging
  • reap hook

  • Idiom of the Day

    right on
    that`s right, yes (indicates approval for something)
    The man yelled "right on" every time the politician promised to lower taxes.

    A ________ customer will always return to the same firm and buy again.

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  • Strangest New Years Traditions

    Takanakuy Festival

    This annual Peruvian festival held at the end of December is all about people beating the living daylights out of each other. Competitors face off in a ring for a round of bare knuckle brawling, which is overseen by local policemen. Takanakuy literally means when the blood is boiling, but apparently all of the fights are friendly, and represent a fresh start for the year.

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