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calcium carbide

1.a gray salt of calcium (CaC) used in making acetylene

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  • calcitonin
  • calcitic
  • calcite
  • calcined lime
  • calcine
  • calcination
  • calcimine
  • calcium carbonate
  • calcium chloride
  • calcium hydrate
  • calcium hydride
  • calcium hydroxide
  • calcium hypochlorite
  • calcium ion
  • calcium lactate
  • calcium light
  • calcium nitrate
  • sausage dog
  • well-advised
  • fundament
  • gadaba
  • minimum
  • spelling bee
  • dream up
  • terzetto
  • postmodernist
  • hypertension

  • Idiom of the Day

    a slave to (someone or something)
    someone who is under the control of someone or something
    My mother is a slave to her desire to watch soap operas on television.

    When we'd finished, I showed her ________ of the building.

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