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california nutmeg

1.California evergreen having a fruit resembling a nutmeg but with a strong turpentine flavor

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  • Idiom of the Day

    know (something) inside out
    to know something thoroughly
    I know the history of our city inside out.

    Concern was expressed by the office manager that the company would buy an ________ financial package.

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    What menopause Supta baddha konasana

    This stress-relieving pose can be of help when everything seems overwhelming. Add firm pillows or folded blankets until your back feels well-supported. Remain in the pose for as long as feels comfortable.
    1. Take a pillow and place a small folded blanket or cushion on one end. Sit in front of the other end and place the soles of your feet together, letting the knees relax. If the groin is not comfortable, support your knees.
    2. Lie back, with your head supported on the blanket or cushion, and take your arms out to the sides, palms facing up. With your eyes open or closed, breathe deeply into your abdomen and relax.

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