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1.large Costa Rican tree having light-colored wood suitable for cabinetry

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  • caracole
  • carack
  • caracas
  • caracara
  • caracal
  • carabinier
  • carabiner
  • carabineer
  • carabidae
  • carabid beetle
  • caracul
  • carafate
  • carafe
  • caragana
  • caragana arborescens
  • caragana sinica
  • carageen
  • carambola
  • carambola tree
  • caramel
  • amerindian language
  • ill nature
  • parlay
  • overlarge
  • pellitory-of-spain
  • blind corner
  • oscar palmer robertson
  • association of islamic groups and communities
  • egest
  • pasque flower

  • Idiom of the Day

    cog in the machine
    a small and unimportant part of a large organization
    The employees felt like they were only cogs in the machine so the atmosphere at the company was not very good.

    Credit card holders struggle very hard to ________ the amount they owe.

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    Sephi Bergerson Goa India 1st Place Animals

    After more than 10 years as an advertising and commercial photographer Sephi Bergerson closed his studio in 2002 and moved to India with his wife and 10 month old baby girl to follow his dream to be a documentary photographer. Sephi s work has been featured in books and publications worldwide and has won international acclaim. His most inspiring photo projects address cultural and humanitarian issues from polio and HIV to rural development and education.

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