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1.Englishman and Cavalier poet whose lyric poetry was favored by Charles I (1595-1639)

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  • caretta caretta
  • caretta
  • caretaker
  • caret
  • caressive
  • caressingly
  • caressing
  • caress
  • carelian
  • carelessness
  • careworn
  • carex
  • carex arenaria
  • carex pseudocyperus
  • carfare
  • carful
  • cargo
  • cargo area
  • cargo container
  • cargo cult
  • sulfur paintbrush
  • tail gate
  • saussurea
  • saguaro
  • plaster saint
  • anthropology
  • george du maurier
  • hymenopterous insect
  • genus actinia
  • sao tome and principe

  • Idiom of the Day

    throw together (people) or throw (people) together
    to group people together by chance
    We were thrown together with a variety of people when the train stopped for six hours.

    With an ________ blow of the whistle, the meddling parent interrupted the game to reiterate the rules of the tournament.

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  • Rules to play 3 Ball Pool

    Keeping score

    Like the otherwise dissimilar (one shot per turn) several player pool game killer (also known as elimination), three ball is scored on a chalk board or piece of paper to keep track of who has how many points. Because of three balls backwards scoring (compared to other games, which typically have the more points are better scoring that most people are used to), it is customary to help keep score accurately by one or more players intoning the score so far after each shot, in the form thats [x], shooting [x+1] (e.g. thats three, shooting four; note the absence of for after shooting, since it is a potentially confusing homophone of four), or something similar.[citation needed] In the absence of this mechanism or an official scorekeeper, one would have to write down the score so far after every shot, which is disruptive of flow and concentration for the shooter, if required to do it, or onerous for other players to be responsible for. Verbal calling also eliminates score cheating.)

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