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carex pseudocyperus

1.tufted sedge of temperate regions

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  • carex arenaria
  • carex
  • careworn
  • carew
  • caretta caretta
  • caretta
  • caretaker
  • caret
  • caressive
  • caressingly
  • carfare
  • carful
  • cargo
  • cargo area
  • cargo container
  • cargo cult
  • cargo deck
  • cargo door
  • cargo hatch
  • cargo helicopter
  • laconic
  • subjectivity
  • imperious
  • break camp
  • neofiber
  • huntsman
  • guyot
  • rate of interest
  • tiliaceae
  • harry hotspur

  • Idiom of the Day

    run down (someone) or run (someone) down
    to say bad things about someone, to criticize someone
    The girl is always running down her friends. That is why nobody likes her.

    Be'is a linking verb.

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