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carya myristiciformis

1.hickory of southern United States and Mexico having hard nutmeg-shaped nuts

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  • carya myristicaeformis
  • carya laciniosa
  • carya illinoinsis
  • carya illinoensis
  • carya glabra
  • carya cordiformis
  • carya aquatica
  • carya
  • cary grant
  • carving knife
  • carya ovata
  • carya tomentosa
  • caryatid
  • caryocar
  • caryocar nuciferum
  • caryocaraceae
  • caryophyllaceae
  • caryophyllaceous
  • caryophyllaceous plant
  • caryophyllales
  • pteroylmonoglutamic acid
  • isolationistic
  • turp
  • golden wedding anniversary
  • character witness
  • individually
  • visually
  • neurotransmitter
  • dufy
  • tour de force

  • Idiom of the Day

    in a coon's age
    in a very long time
    I have not seen my friend in a coon's age.

    She is a member ________ the gym.

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  • Benefits of Gooseberry

    Rich source of Vitamin C

    Indian Gooseberry is rich source of Vitamin C and other phytonutrients which are useful for the skin. Research has found that Amla extract contains potent anti oxidants and provides protection against dermal fibroblasts. It aids in production of collagen which are building blocks of skin and prevents aging of skin. Research has confirmed that amla extract works effectively in mitigative, therapeutic and cosmetic applications through control of collagen metabolism. Amla fruit also helps in quick healing of wounds and repair of skin at wound site.

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