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caryophylloid dicot genus

1.genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers

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  • caryophylloid dicot family
  • caryophyllidae
  • caryophyllales
  • caryophyllaceous plant
  • caryophyllaceous
  • caryophyllaceae
  • caryocaraceae
  • caryocar nuciferum
  • caryocar
  • caryatid
  • caryopsis
  • caryota
  • caryota urens
  • casaba
  • casaba melon
  • casablanca
  • casals
  • casava
  • casbah
  • cascabel
  • tarragon
  • secretary of labor
  • xylopia
  • hygroscope
  • orites
  • riddance
  • infant school
  • unlovable
  • mycenaean culture
  • few-flowered leek

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep (someone) up or keep up (someone)
    to prevent someone from going to bed
    My neighbors kept me up last night with their loud music.

    Productive employment is the only ________ solution to poverty in any country.

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    Log sizes

    There are four different sizes of logs currently used in competitions, though there are many other custom sizes used in training. Each log size has a number and color associated with it. In the United States the dimensions of the logs are standardized by the United States Log Rolling Association USLRA while CAN LOG standardizes the sizes in Canada.

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