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caryophylloid dicot genus

1.genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers

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  • caryophylloid dicot family
  • caryophyllidae
  • caryophyllales
  • caryophyllaceous plant
  • caryophyllaceous
  • caryophyllaceae
  • caryocaraceae
  • caryocar nuciferum
  • caryocar
  • caryatid
  • caryopsis
  • caryota
  • caryota urens
  • casaba
  • casaba melon
  • casablanca
  • casals
  • casava
  • casbah
  • cascabel
  • bristle grass
  • carnivora
  • lodine
  • british honduras
  • sertularia
  • thin air
  • gothic arch
  • pureness
  • lepisosteus
  • indefinite integral

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    knock (someone's) block off or knock off (someone's) block
    to hit someone very hard (in the head), to beat someone up
    The man was very angry and threatened to knock the block off anyone who came near him.

    He's worked there ________ he left college.

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