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caryophylloid dicot genus

1.genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers

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  • caryophylloid dicot family
  • caryophyllidae
  • caryophyllales
  • caryophyllaceous plant
  • caryophyllaceous
  • caryophyllaceae
  • caryocaraceae
  • caryocar nuciferum
  • caryocar
  • caryatid
  • caryopsis
  • caryota
  • caryota urens
  • casaba
  • casaba melon
  • casablanca
  • casals
  • casava
  • casbah
  • cascabel
  • st. elmo's fire
  • oboe da caccia
  • argonne forest
  • dozen
  • earthly
  • neurological disease
  • phosphorus
  • needlebush
  • claudio monteverdi
  • heteromeles

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    stop at nothing (to do something)
    to do everything possible to accomplish something
    My friend will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

    I'm having a lot of trouble, but I'll ________ up at it.

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