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cassette tape

1.a cassette that contains magnetic tape

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  • cassette recorder
  • cassette player
  • cassette deck
  • cassette
  • casserole
  • cassegrainian telescope
  • cassava starch
  • cassava
  • cassareep
  • cassandra
  • cassia
  • cassia acutifolia
  • cassia alata
  • cassia augustifolia
  • cassia auriculata
  • cassia bark
  • cassia fasciculata
  • cassia fistula
  • cassia grandis
  • cassia javonica
  • nanocephalic
  • take out
  • meadow rue
  • stuttering
  • comportment
  • nonobjective
  • venetian
  • mingy
  • special jury
  • middle-ear deafness

  • Idiom of the Day

    act up
    to misbehave
    The children began to act up during the field trip.

    The ________ of staff doing physical exercises before the start of the day is well established in Japanese companies.

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