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1.dressed in a cassock

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  • cassock
  • cassius marcellus clay
  • cassius longinus
  • cassius clay
  • cassius
  • cassiterite
  • cassite
  • cassiri
  • cassirer
  • cassiopeia
  • cassowary
  • cast
  • cast about
  • cast anchor
  • cast around
  • cast aside
  • cast away
  • cast down
  • cast iron
  • cast of characters
  • john endecott
  • psychiatrical
  • sylvian aqueduct
  • propulsion system
  • uncomplicated
  • silenced
  • shakedown
  • plaintively
  • teeing ground
  • atomic number 79

  • Idiom of the Day

    bring some new facts to light
    to discover some new facts about something, to make some new facts about something known
    The lawyer was able to bring some new facts to light in the trial of the killer.

    I'll be ready ________ the time you get here.

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  • Top Cricket Umpires in the world

    Brian Aldridge

    Brian Leslie Aldridge QSM born 30 June 1940 in Christchurch, New Zealand is a retired professional cricket player and professional cricket umpire, and the National Umpiring Manager for New Zealand cricket. He was one of the umpires in the 1992 Cricket World Cup final between England and Pakistan.Aldridge was awarded the Queens Service Medal in the 2012 New Year Honours, for services to cricket administration.He stood in 26 Test matches and 45 ODI games between 1986 and 1995.

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