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1.not methodically or according to plan
2.in an unconcerned manner

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  • casual
  • castroism
  • castro
  • castries
  • castrato
  • castration
  • castrate
  • castoroides
  • castoridae
  • castor-oil plant
  • casualness
  • casualty
  • casualty care research center
  • casuaridae
  • casuariiformes
  • casuarina
  • casuarina equisetfolia
  • casuarinaceae
  • casuarinales
  • casuarius
  • first principle
  • sponge cake
  • on land
  • christine marie evert
  • bustling
  • contour map
  • attrited
  • silt up
  • moralizing
  • saracen

  • Idiom of the Day

    have the last laugh
    to make someone seem foolish for laughing at you first
    I had the last laugh when I went home early while everyone else had to work late.

    The law that has just been passed may be useful but we don't know until we've ________ it to the test.

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    Go hiking

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