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caudal vertebra

1.one of 4 vertebrae in the human coccyx

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  • caudal fin
  • caudal block
  • caudal appendage
  • caudal anesthesia
  • caudal anaesthesia
  • caudal
  • cauda
  • caucus
  • caucasus mountains
  • caucasus
  • caudally
  • caudata
  • caudate
  • caudate nucleus
  • caudated
  • caudex
  • caudine forks
  • caught up
  • caul
  • cauldron
  • acute hemorrhagic encephalitis
  • cold sober
  • electrical phenomenon
  • alacritous
  • interactive multimedia
  • deplumate
  • gascogne
  • balefire
  • technocracy
  • indefatigability

  • Idiom of the Day

    in the short run
    in or for the immediate future
    In the short run, I do not think that my uncle will make much money with his fast food business.

    If someone lays down the law, they are authoritarian and strict.

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