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centaurea cineraria

1.a plant having leaves and stems covered with down that resembles dust

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  • centas
  • centare
  • cental
  • cent
  • census taker
  • census bureau
  • census
  • centaurea cyanus
  • centaurea gymnocarpa
  • centaurea imperialis
  • centaurea moschata
  • centaurea nigra
  • centaurea scabiosa
  • centaurea solstitialis
  • centauria calcitrapa
  • centaurium
  • centaurium calycosum
  • tank furnace
  • brandy glass
  • beefsteak begonia
  • states general
  • bird of night
  • secant
  • matched game
  • layer cake
  • projecting
  • fiscal

  • Idiom of the Day

    share (someone's) sorrow
    to grieve as someone else grieves
    The neighbors shared the man's sorrow after he lost his house in a fire.

    The past tense of 'understand'is ________

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  • Teachers Day

    Responsibilities And Duties Of Teachers

    Today, the world of teaching has changed drastically. There are newer pedagogies and better technologies that help a teacher work towards making classes entertaining and creative. Children are innovative thinkers who shouldnt be shackled to rote learning. It is important for the teacher to facilitate this creative process of learning instead of simply being just another runofthemill teacher. There are innovative meathod of teaching that are available at hand and one should be curious enough to use them.
    The responsibilities and duties of teachers must parallel the needs and the creative minds of children. Some of the most common duties of teachers involve facilitation, enrichment, and mentoring. Teachers also have the added responsibility of understanding the evergrowing and the animated mind of a child. Teachers are expected to demonstrate interpersonal skills with children and their parents. Scroll down to know more about the responsibilities and duties of teachers towards students.

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