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change of magnitude

1.the act of changing the amount or size of something

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  • change of location
  • change of life
  • change of integrity
  • change of direction
  • change of course
  • change of color
  • change magnitude
  • change intensity
  • change integrity
  • change hands
  • change of mind
  • change of shape
  • change of state
  • change over
  • change posture
  • change ringing
  • change shape
  • change state
  • change surface
  • change taste
  • buffel grass
  • sea poker
  • pruning saw
  • algometer
  • capital of colorado
  • andropogon
  • telecaster
  • pine finch
  • tarmac
  • gongora

  • Idiom of the Day

    swear by (something)
    to have complete confidence in something, to be sure of something
    My father swears by the walk that he takes every morning.

    It's in _________ Ocean.

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  • Rules to play Quad Biking

    Training and supervision

    No operator should use a quad bike for farm work without first receiving training. Training is essential to help reduce the risk of serious injury and death associated with quad bike use. Training and supervision ensure the farm safety systems are communicated to employees and that employees follow the systems. The manufacturer, supplier, an external training provider or yourself (if you have the necessary skills and expertise), can provide training. Some suppliers provide training options at the time of purchase.

    Chourishi Systems