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1.(ballet) quick gliding steps with one foot always leading chasse v.
1.perform a chasse step, in ballet

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  • chasm
  • chasidism
  • chasidim
  • chasidic
  • chasid
  • chaser
  • chased
  • chase away
  • charybdis
  • chary
  • chassid
  • chassidic
  • chassidim
  • chassidism
  • chassis
  • chastely
  • chasten
  • chastened
  • chasteness
  • chastening
  • decimal system of classification
  • swallow-tailed
  • sir john hawkins
  • microsorium
  • ephah
  • landscapist
  • lamp shell
  • wound up
  • geocentric parallax
  • unbreakable

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep (someone or something) still/quiet
    to make someone or something silent or less noisy
    The mother had a hard time keeping her child still in the airplane.


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