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1.defensive structure consisting of a movable obstacle composed of barbed wire or spikes attached to a wooden frame

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  • chevalier de lamarck
  • chevalier de bayard
  • chevalier
  • cheval-de-frise
  • cheval glass
  • chetrum
  • chetah
  • chesty
  • chestnut-bark disease
  • chestnut tree
  • cheviot
  • chevre
  • chevron
  • chevrotain
  • chevvy
  • chevy
  • chew
  • chew out
  • chew over
  • chew the fat
  • aflicker
  • alidad
  • intensifier
  • highroad
  • hypoglossal nerve
  • fruitless
  • summery
  • sainthood
  • cup-shaped
  • electronic instrument

  • Idiom of the Day

    labor of love
    something done for personal pleasure and not for money
    The man's painting is a labor of love and he does not expect to make any money from it.


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  • Valentines Day Dessert Recipes

    Chocolate mousse cupcakes

    It is Saturday. And I am going to kill you with Chocolate. Okay. Of course I am not going to kill you. But you might just die sitting and looking at these frawesome freaking+awesome cupcakes. Dont you just wish you had one of these beauties in your hands right now? Cmon. I know you want it. Thats okay. I have no self control either. Not when 2 of my favorite desserts are combined into one. As if discovering the secret to Eggless Chocolate Mousse werent enough, I had to go ahead and fill up some homemade chocolate cupcakes with this mousse. And still my craving for the 2 didnt reduce so I frosted them with the mousse too. I feel like I just stole all of Willy Wonkas Chocolate and made one of the most deliciously infectious cupcakes.

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