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chiacoan peccary

1.a recently discovered large wild pig of Paraguay

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  • chi
  • cheyne-stokes respiration
  • cheyenne
  • chewy
  • chewink
  • chewing out
  • chewing gum
  • chewing
  • chewer
  • chewable
  • chian
  • chian turpentine
  • chiang chung-cheng
  • chiang kai-shek
  • chianti
  • chiaroscuro
  • chiasm
  • chiasma
  • chiasma opticum
  • chiasmal
  • ulama
  • crystal set
  • vena paraumbilicalis
  • water skin
  • collegiate
  • slask
  • service break
  • strike back
  • tattler
  • carrion flower

  • Idiom of the Day

    pot calling the kettle black
    a person who is criticizing someone else may be as guilty as the person who he or she criticizes
    It was like the pot calling the kettle black when the woman who is always late for work criticized her coworker for also being late.

    The sound of the waterfall goes on all day and night and in the end the ________ noise gets on your nerves.

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  • Benefits of Guava

    Treatment of Skin Problems

    A guava provides more than twice the recommended daily value of vitamin C which is excellent for skin healing as it contributes to generation of collagen, the substance that imparts firmness to the skin. Besides, it provides about 1.4 micrograms of vitamin K which is 2% of the recommended daily value. This vitamin improves blood coagulation, impairment of which causes skin redness and irritation.

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