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1.easily frightened

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  • chickenfeed
  • chicken-fight
  • chicken-breasted
  • chicken yard
  • chicken wire
  • chicken wing
  • chicken tetrazzini
  • chicken taco
  • chicken stock
  • chickenpox
  • chickenshit
  • chickeree
  • chickpea
  • chickpea plant
  • chickweed
  • chickweed phlox
  • chicle
  • chicle gum
  • chicness
  • saint benedict
  • lavatory
  • surfriding
  • purveyance
  • dacelo
  • on-the-job
  • linearise
  • sir henry bessemer
  • parts catalog
  • sledge

  • Idiom of the Day

    sick of (someone or something)
    to be bored with someone or something, to dislike someone or something
    I think that the clerk is sick of working late every day.

    He is ...... to ...... any kind of work with due sincerity.

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  • New Year Celebration Ideas

    Bubble Wrap Stomp

    Ring in the new year with this idea from Family Fun. Buy bubble wrap (the large bubbles work best) and spread out on a hard floor just before midnight. At the end of the countdown, stomp. It sounds like firecrackers and is a fun way to start the year.

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