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1.easily frightened

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  • chickenfight
  • chickenfeed
  • chicken-fight
  • chicken-breasted
  • chicken yard
  • chicken wire
  • chicken wing
  • chicken tetrazzini
  • chicken taco
  • chicken stock
  • chickenpox
  • chickenshit
  • chickeree
  • chickpea
  • chickpea plant
  • chickweed
  • chickweed phlox
  • chicle
  • chicle gum
  • chicness
  • fumbler
  • cerivastatin
  • bryanthus
  • camera tripod
  • ghastliness
  • genus osmanthus
  • cagoule
  • used up
  • tableware
  • genus magnolia

  • Idiom of the Day

    stick by/with (someone or something)
    to support someone or something
    The woman always sticks by her friends when they are in trouble.
    I stuck with my friend during his troubles.

    If someone is extremely unsuccessful in a venture, they make out like a bandit.

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  • Tips to succeed in IELTS Exam

    Manage Your Time

    Time manage in the exam. Most IELTS candidates run out of time in the third reading section. Each text should take you roughly 20 minutes the examiners will tell you after 20 minutes have passed. Never spend too long on a single question guess the answer or leave it to return to later. Also if you feel you are running out of time, tackle questions like gap-fills before doing easy to guess tasks like YES NO NOT GIVEN questions. Dont forget you also have to have all your answers on your mark sheet by the end of the test. A good tip is to write them on the mark sheet in pencil as you go, correcting where necessary at the end.

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