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circle around

1.move around in a circular motion

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  • circle
  • circis siliquastrum
  • circinus
  • circinate
  • circe
  • circassian walnut
  • circassian
  • circaetus
  • circaea lutetiana
  • circaea alpina
  • circle of curvature
  • circle of willis
  • circle round
  • circlet
  • circuit
  • circuit board
  • circuit breaker
  • circuit card
  • circuit court of appeals
  • circuitous
  • rose bed
  • long-life
  • genus pongamia
  • lexicalize
  • genus porcellio
  • scott joplin
  • spring cleavers
  • law of multiple proportions
  • lawyer cane
  • psychic

  • Idiom of the Day

    a dirty look
    a look that shows dislike or disapproval
    The boy's mother gave the boy a dirty look when he entered the kitchen.

    According to pirate lore, a terrible ________ would follow whoever opened the treasure chest.

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