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1.informal terms for money

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  • clampdown
  • clamp down
  • clamp
  • clamouring
  • clamour
  • clamorously
  • clamorous
  • clamoring
  • clamor
  • clammyweed
  • clamshell
  • clan
  • clan member
  • clandestine
  • clandestine operation
  • clang
  • clanger
  • clanging
  • clangor
  • clangoring
  • swan dive
  • jejunitis
  • actuating
  • president fillmore
  • berth
  • foretell
  • goer
  • in a similar way
  • entrench
  • pancreatitis

  • Idiom of the Day

    shape up
    to improve one's behavior or performance or physical shape
    The man has begun to shape up and is doing his job much better.

    In addition to an organisation's vision and ability to set goals it is also ________ that every team member feels part of a unit.

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  • Rare Flowers That Are Stunning To Look At

    Attenboroughs Pitcher Plant

    This rare flower that hails from the Philippines has a very interesting background. After a two month expeditionary trip into the heart of the jungle on several islands, Stewart R. McPherson, Volker B. Heinrich, and Alastair S. Robinson discovered this plant. This discovery was considered an amazing find since the point of the expedition was to catalog the various indigenous pitcher plants of the Philippines, among which the Attenborough s Pitcher now has a place. The flower was named after British broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough. Because of his affinity for the various members of the pitcher plant genus, the homage is definitely appropriate.

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