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class turbellaria

1.free-living flatworms

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  • class trematoda
  • class tiliomycetes
  • class thaliacea
  • class tentaculata
  • class taxopsida
  • class tardigrada
  • class symphyla
  • class struggle
  • class structure
  • class sporozoa
  • class ulvophyceae
  • class war
  • class warfare
  • class xanthophyceae
  • class zygomycetes
  • class-action suit
  • class-conscious
  • classic
  • classic hemochromatosis
  • classical
  • tce
  • vanua levu
  • polymerase
  • bench vise
  • meadow saffron
  • order hemiptera
  • manduction
  • mightiness
  • genus frankliniella
  • excessiveness

  • Idiom of the Day

    in the wake of (something)
    as a result of something, following something
    In the wake of the large number of people who have recently left our company we will need to hire some new people.

    I donít want to take part ________ any more discussions.

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  • Daily Health Tips

    Foods to Consume When Dealing with Stress

    There are many foods that are helpful in meeting the demands of stress and should be taken regularly by the patient. These are yoghurt, blackstrap molasses, seeds, and sprouts.
  • Yoghurt is rich in vitamin A, B complex and D. It relieves insomnia, migraine and cramps associated with menstruation.
  • Blackstrap molasses, a by-product of sugar refining process, is rich in iron and B vitamins. It guards against anaemia and is good for heart diseases.
  • Seeds such as alfalfa, sunflower, and pumpkin and sprouts are rich in calcium and quite effective as deterrents of listlessness and anxiety. Steam cooked vegetables are best as boiling causes many vitamins and minerals to be dispelled into the water.

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