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class war

1.conflict between social or economic classes (especially between the capitalist and proletariat classes)

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  • class ulvophyceae
  • class turbellaria
  • class trematoda
  • class tiliomycetes
  • class thaliacea
  • class tentaculata
  • class taxopsida
  • class tardigrada
  • class symphyla
  • class struggle
  • class warfare
  • class xanthophyceae
  • class zygomycetes
  • class-action suit
  • class-conscious
  • classic
  • classic hemochromatosis
  • classical
  • classical architecture
  • classical ballet
  • gutta-percha
  • grateful
  • propriety
  • heracles
  • genus accipiter
  • castanea chrysophylla
  • gelsemium sempervirens
  • aardwolf
  • toy box
  • iodin

  • Idiom of the Day

    mind one's own business
    to attend only to the things that concern one, to keep to one's own business and not be concerned about the business of others
    I asked my friend to mind his own business when he asked me about my problems with my father.

    ________ the highest ranking official in the United States?

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    Sposalizio della Vergine

    Raffaello: Sposalizio della Vergine (1504) - Piancoteca di Brera, Milano

    The Marriage of the Virgin, also known as Lo Sposalizio, is an oil painting by Italian High Renaissance artist Raphael. Completed in 1504 for a Franciscan church in Citt? di Castello, the painting depicts a marriage ceremony between Mary and Joseph. It changed hands several times before settling in 1806 at the Pinacoteca di Brera.
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