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class war

1.conflict between social or economic classes (especially between the capitalist and proletariat classes)

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  • class turbellaria
  • class trematoda
  • class tiliomycetes
  • class thaliacea
  • class tentaculata
  • class taxopsida
  • class tardigrada
  • class symphyla
  • class struggle
  • class warfare
  • class xanthophyceae
  • class zygomycetes
  • class-action suit
  • class-conscious
  • classic
  • classic hemochromatosis
  • classical
  • classical architecture
  • classical ballet
  • asphalt
  • dihydroxyphenylalanine
  • desensitising
  • wild cabbage
  • yunnan province
  • taxi dancer
  • sleek over
  • sound judgment
  • distributively
  • caramel

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep one's feet on the ground
    to remain firmly established
    My friend lost his job but he is trying hard to keep his feet on the ground.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    Every evening during exams we (study until very late at night).

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