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color code

1.system using colors to designate classifications

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  • color circle
  • color chart
  • color blindness
  • color bearer
  • color bar
  • color
  • colophony
  • colophon
  • colony
  • colonoscopy
  • color constancy
  • color force
  • color guard
  • color in
  • color line
  • color of law
  • color property
  • color scheme
  • color sergeant
  • color spectrum
  • denmark
  • order ericales
  • pydna
  • accepting
  • methyl radical
  • short temper
  • baggageman
  • tickler file
  • koan
  • common broom

  • Idiom of the Day

    in the hole
    having a score lower than zero in a game
    At the beginning of the game we were in the hole but later we began to do well.

    I really hope I ________ see you again.

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  • Mumbai City

    Wankhede Stadium

    The Wankhede Stadium is a cricket stadium in the Indian city of Mumbai.The stadium now has capacity of 33,482, following renovations for the 2011 Cricket World Cup.Before the upgrade, the capacity was approximately 45,000.The Wankhede stadium has been host to numerous high profile cricket matches in the past, including the match in which Ravi Shastri hit six sixes in an over.The stadium also hosted the 2011 Cricket World Cup Final, in which India defeated Sri Lanka by 6 wickets, apart from many other matches in both the 1996 as well as 2011 Cricket World Cup.The stadium witnessed the historic last match of Sachin Tendulkar.international career.

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