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come to hand

1.be revealed or disclosed

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  • come to grips
  • come to
  • come through
  • come short
  • come round
  • come over
  • come on
  • come off
  • come of age
  • come near
  • come to life
  • come to light
  • come to mind
  • come to the fore
  • come together
  • come up
  • come up to
  • come upon
  • come with
  • come-at-able
  • brain wave
  • consciousness-altering drug
  • pinus glabra
  • arteria labialis
  • pacifism
  • gobble
  • pulling
  • diam
  • messiness
  • phantasy

  • Idiom of the Day

    put up (something) or put (something) up
    to build a building/sign/fence/wall
    They are putting up some new apartments near our house.

    Christopher hired a tree-trimming crew to cut the ________ branches of the pine tree that were scraping the side of his house.

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    The Minotaur is one of the first epic creatures we meet in the history of humankind since it takes us back to the days of the Minoan civilization s prime. The Minotaur was said to have the head of a bull on the body of an extremely large, muscular man and dwelt at the center of the Cretan labyrinth, which was designed by Daedalus and his son, Icarus, at King Minos s request. As one can easily understand, whoever was unlucky enough to get lost in the labyrinth became the Minotaur s prey, the exception being the Athenian king Theseus, who killed the beast and was the only one who made it out of the labyrinth alive with the help of Ariadne, Minos s daughter.

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