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concert band

1.a group of musicians playing brass and woodwind and percussion instruments

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  • concert
  • concernedly
  • concerned
  • concern
  • conceptus
  • conceptually
  • conceptualize
  • conceptualization
  • conceptuality
  • conceptualistic
  • concert dance
  • concert grand
  • concert hall
  • concert piano
  • concert pitch
  • concert-goer
  • concerted
  • concerted music
  • concertina
  • concertise
  • naira
  • genus thomomys
  • golden everlasting
  • pickle barrel
  • ahistorical
  • polemicist
  • pleistocene epoch
  • prosthion
  • trinidadian
  • coarse

  • Idiom of the Day

    hard feelings
    angry or bitter feelings
    I do not have any hard feelings toward my boss even though he fired me.

    The department has ________ so much money on administration that there is little left for employing sales personnel.

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  • Hanuman


    After taking leave from Vibhisan, Hanuman assumed his tiny form and in order to reach Ashok Vatika he jumped from branch to branch without being noticed. After reaching there he hid himself atop a cluster of trees and examined the whole place. There he saw a woman sitting under a tree all surrounded by rakshashnis (lady demons).She looked exhausted, sleep derived and very weak. All the rakshashnis were keeping a watchful eye on Mother Sita and threatening her to listen to King Ravans wish. She just sat there crying and reciting Shri Rams name in her heart. He took no time in recognizing her,This is Mother Sita, said Hanumaji to himself. Since it was already morning he couldnt get down and speak to Mother Sita so he sat up there in the trees and waited for sundown.

    Just then he heard shouts of Lankapati ki jai ho Victory to Lanka King Ravan followed by loud beating of the drums and blowing of the horns.Hanuman saw the demon king Ravan coming towards Ashok Vatika along with all his wives. He stood in front of Mother Sita and started threatening her with his strength and powers. Mother Sita was not moved by Ravans threats. Seeing Mother Sita paying no heeds to his threats he warned her, I give you one month time to think and if you fail to do so I will kill you. Filled with anger and disappointment Ravan left along with his wives. Hanumanji witnessed the whole incident sitting admist the trees. He was fuming with anger, he just wanted to get down and attack Ravan but seeing the whole situation Hanuman had to curb his anger. Sita in LankaAfter Ravan left, all the rakshasis started to threaten Mother Sita. A rakshasi named Trijata, who was a wise and an ardent devotee of Ram tried to calm Mother Sita with her spiritual words. She then addressed her fellow rakshasis by saying,I had a very scary dream last night and in my dreams I saw a monkey destroying Lanka, he set the whole Lanka on fire. This monkey was none other than a messenger of Shree Ram. Ravan, Kumbhkaran and Meghnath were killed and Vibhisan was crowned the king of Lanka. All you could hear was chanting of Shri Rams name. Sisters believe me, I think this dream of mine will soon be true.Stop harrassing Mother Sita and start respecting her.

    Listening to such a horrible dream all the rakshasis were scared and they all threw themselves at the feet of Mother Sita. Mother Sita addressed to Trijata, Trijata! you are such a nice person.You are trying to save me from these rakshasis but didnt you hear what your king Ravan just said. He has given me a months time and if my Lord Shri Ram doesnt find me in that time please tell me what will I do? Trijata was overcomed by sorrow after listening to Mother Sita. She assured her, O dear mother! please dont loose hope, Shree Ram is no ordinary being, he is the master of three worlds he will surely save you from our King Ravan. Have patience. After consoling her she along with other Rakshasis sat down under a tree to take rest.

    Hanumanji was waiting for this opportunity. After making sure that everyone was asleep, Hanuman came down from the top branch to the lowest one and dropped Shri Rams mudrika (ring) in front Mother Sita. (This ring was given to Hanuman by Shree Ram when Hanuman was leaving in search of Mother Sita along with other Vanars.) Seeing Shri Rams ring Mother Sita was elated. She couldnt imagine what her eyes were seeing. She looked around anxiously. Holding the ring in her hand, she asked, Who brought me my Lords ring. Is this some kind of magic. Is someone here, please come forward? Saying this Mother Sita looked in every direction and Hanumanji who was hiding on a tree all this time came out of hiding. She was astonished to see a little monkey standing in front of her with folded hands and his eyes were filled with tears. Thinking that Mother Sita may mistake him as one of Ravans men Hanumanji started singing praises in honor of Shri Ram.

    She was delighted to Mother Sita sees the ringhear Shri Rams name. In that state of mind she asked, Who are you and how did you enter Lanka? Did my Lord sent you here? Where did you get this ring from? Are you a rakshas and playing tricks with me?

    Seeing her disturbed, Hanumanji replied, Mother, I am Hanuman, messenger of Shri Ram. What strength do I have, it is with Shri Rams blessings that I could enter Lanka and with his permission I have come to Lanka to find you. He then narrated the whole story of how he and Shri Ram met.

    She was overjoyed to hear this and with her cracking voice she inquired, How is Shri Ram and Lakshman? Are they all well? When are they going to come and take me away? Did you hear what that rakshas said he is going to kill me.

    Hanuman assured Mother Sita, Mother, now that I have found you, Shri Ram and Lakshman with come soon, kill Ravan and his rakshas forces and take you away from this place. Till that time please dont loose hope. But how can a tiny vanar like you and others fight with Ravans forces?, she inquired.

    Hanumanji smiled and replied, Mother, we have the strength and courage of our Lord Shri Ram. With the blessings of our supreme lord we can destroy any enemy we come across in the battlefield. Let me reveal you my true form. To calm all her fears, Hanuman revealed his true form which was as big as the sky and strong like a mountain. Mother Sita was stunned to see this, she said, Hanuman come to your original form before anyone spots you. Now I know that Ravans end is near. You should now return to Shri Ram and tell him to come soon and rescue me. Hanumanji then asked Mother Sita that he is hungry can he eat some fruits around this vatika.

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