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congo copal

1.copal found usually as a fossil

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  • conglutination
  • conglutinate
  • conglomeration
  • conglomerate
  • conglobe
  • conglobation
  • conglobate
  • congius
  • congestive heart failure
  • congo eel
  • congo franc
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  • congo red
  • congo river
  • congo snake
  • congolese
  • congoo mallee
  • congorism
  • congou
  • prumnopitys elegans
  • trionyx spiniferus
  • nightfall
  • a. testudineus
  • polytheism
  • tragelaphus eurycerus
  • arthropoda
  • verpa
  • heaped
  • line of thought

  • Idiom of the Day

    (cannot) stand (someone or something)
    to be unable to tolerate someone or something, to dislike someone or something (usually used in the negative)
    My friend cannot stand the other people in her class.

    People who don't keep arrangements mess people about.

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  • Tips to succeed in Business

    Come early stay late

    The best point I can offer here is a story of my own. While Im an advocate in theory for as much work life balance as possible, the fact is, if you want to get ahead, there will be periods in a career where there are no substitutes for grindingly long hours. There was a period in my own career where I was especially motivated by the prospect of advancement and all that went with it, and had great respect for the organization and the work we were doing. Accordingly, I resolved to myself that no one in the 20 person department I worked in including the SVP who managed the operation would come in earlier or work later than I would. Did I always achieve that? No. But did my diligence catch the attention of senior management and ultimately help my career? Yes. The assumption here of course is that youre not simply sitting around long hours playing video games or writing to your aunt

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