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1.the amount of wood in an area as measured in cords
2.the ropes in the rigging of a ship

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  • cord grass
  • cord
  • corchorus
  • corbina
  • corbiestep
  • corbie-step
  • corbie gable
  • corbett
  • corbelled
  • corbel step
  • cordaitaceae
  • cordaitales
  • cordaites
  • cordarone
  • cordate
  • cordate leaf
  • corday
  • corded
  • cordell hull
  • cordgrass
  • refund
  • impasse
  • bloodthirstiness
  • male reproductive system
  • deriving
  • sir noel pierce coward
  • contralto
  • chiasmal
  • genus lycoperdon
  • connecting

  • Idiom of the Day

    twiddle one`s thumbs
    to not be busy, to not be working
    We twiddled our thumbs all morning and did not get any work done.

    Considered ________ a whole, the project's very good.

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  • Benefits of Oregano

    Mexican Oregano

    Although it is not a member of the Origanum genus, cooks and gardeners refer to Poliomintha maderensis as Mexican oregano.Crushed Mexican oregano leaves produce a strong aroma and flavor, making this variety a frequent ingredient in Mexican cooking. Other herbs, including Lippia graveolens and Plectranthus amboinicus, are sometimes called Mexican oregano.

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