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cordon bleu

1.a chef famous for his great skill
2.an honor or award gained for excellence

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  • cordon
  • cordoba
  • cordless
  • corditis
  • cordite
  • cordiform
  • cordierite
  • cordially
  • cordiality
  • cordial reception
  • cordon off
  • cordova
  • cordovan
  • cords
  • corduroy
  • corduroys
  • cordwood
  • cordylidae
  • cordyline
  • cordyline australis
  • petaloid
  • feria
  • jurisprudentially
  • strike off
  • flash welding
  • greens
  • superpower
  • sensibilize
  • mallee hen
  • incomprehensible

  • Idiom of the Day

    burst with joy
    to be full of happiness and feel that you will explode or burst
    My grandmother burst with joy when she saw her new baby granddaughter.

    parsimony is most opposite to

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  • Benefits of Dates

    Maintain a healthy Nervous System

    Dates usually are abundant with potassium content, that happen to be important for a proper nervous system. Potassium in dates is a vital element of cells and the body fluids which help control heart rate as well as blood pressure level, therefore offering safety against coronary heart disease as well as heart stroke. Study discloses that greater potassium consumption of about 400 mg can help to eliminate the potential risk of heart strokes simply by 40%.

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