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cordon bleu

1.a chef famous for his great skill
2.an honor or award gained for excellence

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  • cordon
  • cordoba
  • cordless
  • corditis
  • cordite
  • cordiform
  • cordierite
  • cordially
  • cordiality
  • cordial reception
  • cordon off
  • cordova
  • cordovan
  • cords
  • corduroy
  • corduroys
  • cordwood
  • cordylidae
  • cordyline
  • cordyline australis
  • cortisol
  • law of conservation of energy
  • femoral artery
  • ballistic
  • osculation
  • overcredulity
  • florid
  • minicab
  • strategist
  • ignorantness

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep time
    to keep track of the time in a game or athletic contest
    I kept time during the football game at our high school.

    It took three hours to ________ out that tiny garden.

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    Having now appeared on heaps of grocery shelves, echinacea is most commonly consumed as a tea or supplement. But beware scientists have not found conclusive evidence the herb helps with sickness and it can even have a side effect of an upset stomach. It has been shown, though, to boost white blood cell count which can help your body fight off infection.

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