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cordon bleu

1.a chef famous for his great skill
2.an honor or award gained for excellence

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  • cordon
  • cordoba
  • cordless
  • corditis
  • cordite
  • cordiform
  • cordierite
  • cordially
  • cordiality
  • cordial reception
  • cordon off
  • cordova
  • cordovan
  • cords
  • corduroy
  • corduroys
  • cordwood
  • cordylidae
  • cordyline
  • cordyline australis
  • parricide
  • i.w.w.
  • shoddy
  • bluegrass country
  • flagellate protozoan
  • stationariness
  • bractlet
  • al-tawhid
  • riviera
  • rbi

  • Idiom of the Day

    become of (someone or something)
    to happen to someone or something
    I do not know what became of my pencil.
    I do not know what became of my friend from high school.

    The professorís lectures were filled with excessive ________, lasting much longer than was necessary to convey his ideas.

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    I like gathiya or gathia/ghatia/ghatiya whatever we might call it then normal sev or ompodi. In gathiya we use lots of pepper and carom seeds unlike in sev where red chilli powder is used. Gathia can be confused with kara sev but both differ in taste and texture. Gathiya has puffy texture, light weighted and soft to bite compare to Sev (Kara Sev). It is also mild in taste and flavor which makes it quite addictive. I actually like more of lamba gathiya or its also called pata or fafda gathia but for that we need papad khar which I dont have with me.

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