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1.occurring or extending throughout a county

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  • county town
  • county seat
  • county palatine
  • county line
  • county courthouse
  • county council
  • county agent
  • county
  • counts/minute
  • countrywoman
  • coup
  • coup d'etat
  • coup d'oeil
  • coup de grace
  • coup de main
  • coup de theatre
  • coupe
  • couperin
  • couple
  • couple on
  • terrapene
  • anointing
  • untidily
  • malecite
  • cyrus the younger
  • codon
  • showgirl
  • genus monarda
  • subordinate
  • aerodynamic force

  • Idiom of the Day

    rat on (someone)
    to betray someone by telling someone else about illegal or wrong activities
    The boy ratted on his friend who broke the store window.

    I do not care ________ you stay or leave.

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  • Rules to play Beach Volleyball

    Contact with the net or posts

    It is a fault for a player or a players clothing to touch any part of the net. Exceptions are: Incidental contact of the net by a players hair If a players hat, visor or glasses fall off during play and then contacts the net When a ball is driven into the net or the wind blows the net and causes the net to touch a player, no fault is committed. Once a player has contacted the ball, the player may touch the posts, ropes or any other object outside the total length of the net, provided that it does not interfere with play.

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