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1.occurring or extending throughout a county

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  • county town
  • county seat
  • county palatine
  • county line
  • county courthouse
  • county council
  • county agent
  • county
  • counts/minute
  • countrywoman
  • coup
  • coup d'etat
  • coup d'oeil
  • coup de grace
  • coup de main
  • coup de theatre
  • coupe
  • couperin
  • couple
  • couple on
  • university of pennsylvania
  • malodourous
  • genus fabiana
  • oak-leaved goosefoot
  • meltable
  • taster
  • get hold
  • malinger
  • business leader
  • pennoncelle

  • Idiom of the Day

    hail from (somewhere)
    to originally come from somewhere
    My father hails from a small farming community.

    Do you think you ________ open the door for me?

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  • Precautions while using Facebook

    Dont post information that makes you vulnerable to a physical attack

    Dont post information that makes you vulnerable to a physical attack.Revealing where you plan to meet your friends, your class schedule, or your street address is almost an open invitation for someone to find you. Remember that a photo in front of the Co op tells strangers you are in Austin, and quite likely at the university.

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