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1.a student who crams
2.a teacher who is paid to cram students for examinations
3.a special school where students are crammed
4.a textbook designed for cramming

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  • crambe maritima
  • crambe
  • cram full
  • cram
  • crake
  • craigie
  • craig ventner
  • cragsman
  • craggy
  • cragged
  • cramp
  • cramp iron
  • crampbark
  • cramped
  • crampfish
  • crampon
  • crampoon
  • cran
  • cranberry
  • cranberry bush
  • law of volumes
  • cephalic index
  • hoary willow
  • acinus
  • java finch
  • uncombed
  • difficultness
  • macedon
  • truck stop
  • hahn

  • Idiom of the Day

    float a loan
    to initiate or make a loan
    The bank agreed to float a loan for the new business.

    It's ________ to go to the beach today.

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    According to Islam, the ifrit is a monstrous looking demon that lives underground and loves to visit ruins where he usually finds his victims and scares them to death. They are large, intimidating looking demons with wings of fire, and in their kingdom the males usually engage in romantic relationships with female ifrits and also often marry them.

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