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1.a student who crams
2.a teacher who is paid to cram students for examinations
3.a special school where students are crammed
4.a textbook designed for cramming

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  • crambe maritima
  • crambe
  • cram full
  • cram
  • crake
  • craigie
  • craig ventner
  • cragsman
  • craggy
  • cragged
  • cramp
  • cramp iron
  • crampbark
  • cramped
  • crampfish
  • crampon
  • crampoon
  • cran
  • cranberry
  • cranberry bush
  • arethusa bulbosa
  • schmoose
  • composedly
  • ruscaceae
  • susah
  • nonpartisanship
  • subfamily corylaceae
  • johnny appleseed
  • patrimony
  • conspicuousness

  • Idiom of the Day

    have the best of both worlds
    to be able to enjoy two different opportunities
    The man has the best of both worlds and can enjoy the outdoors and nature while he is working at his job.

    (1) Nothing is more common than the idea
    (P) of the twentieth century
    (Q) in the western world
    (R) the people living
    (S) that we
    (6) are eminently sane

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