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1.a small pitcher for serving cream

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  • creamcups
  • cream-of-tartar tree
  • cream-colored courser
  • cream violet
  • cream soda
  • cream sauce
  • cream puff
  • cream pitcher
  • cream off
  • cream of tartar
  • creamery
  • creaminess
  • creamy
  • crease
  • crease-resistant
  • creased
  • creaseless
  • creaseproof
  • creashak
  • create
  • actuating
  • gracillariidae
  • agitative
  • activated
  • pyxidium
  • takeoff booster
  • trimipramine
  • adamance
  • buteo
  • thyrotropin

  • Idiom of the Day

    poised to do (something)
    to be ready to do something
    Our basketball team is poised to win its third championship this evening.

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