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1.any member of a ship's crew
2.a member of a flight crew
3.a member of a work crew

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  • crewet
  • crewelwork
  • crew neckline
  • crew neck
  • crew member
  • crew cut
  • crew
  • crevice
  • crevasse
  • crevalle jack
  • crex
  • crex crex
  • crib
  • crib death
  • cribbage
  • cribbage board
  • cricetidae
  • cricetus
  • cricetus cricetus
  • crichton
  • unreleased
  • coagulator
  • endothelial myeloma
  • laudatory
  • takahe
  • neohygrophorus
  • fiftieth
  • food
  • unholiness
  • chafeweed

  • Idiom of the Day

    feel like going (somewhere)
    to be in the mood to go somewhere, to want to go somewhere
    I did not feel like going to a movie so I stayed home.

    Shalini was not ...... by the criticism and paid no ...... even when her best friend talked against her.

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  • Benefits of Ugli fruits

    Tips for purchasing and storing Ugli fruit

    Select the fruits that are heavy for their size. Smaller fruits are likely to have a better flavor than the larger ones. Do not buy fruits with bruises or brown spots. You can store the fruit at room temperature for up to five days. When stored in the refrigerator, it shall stay good for a couple of weeks.

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