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1.any member of a ship's crew
2.a member of a flight crew
3.a member of a work crew

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  • crewet
  • crewelwork
  • crew neckline
  • crew neck
  • crew member
  • crew cut
  • crew
  • crevice
  • crevasse
  • crevalle jack
  • crex
  • crex crex
  • crib
  • crib death
  • cribbage
  • cribbage board
  • cricetidae
  • cricetus
  • cricetus cricetus
  • crichton
  • victory lap
  • scoop shovel
  • sore-eyed
  • arnoseris minima
  • tenpounder
  • squeegee
  • running title
  • inner tube
  • richard burbage
  • bradawl

  • Idiom of the Day

    call it quits
    to stop, to finish
    I called it quits and went home for the day.

    She stood ________ him when he criticised her and told him exactly what she thought of his management style

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