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1.bottle that holds wine or oil or vinegar for the table

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  • cruelty
  • cruelness
  • cruelly
  • cruel plant
  • cruel and unusual punishment
  • cruel
  • crudity
  • crudites
  • crudeness
  • crudely
  • cruet-stand
  • cruise control
  • cruise liner
  • cruise missile
  • cruise ship
  • cruiser
  • cruiserweight
  • cruller
  • crumb
  • crumb cake
  • everyplace
  • cephalexin
  • citellus citellus
  • rocket propulsion
  • paramilitary unit
  • caltha
  • scintillating
  • ceratopteris pteridioides
  • rhizome
  • ritualism

  • Idiom of the Day

    blow the lid off (something)
    to reveal something (often a wrongdoing)
    The government investigation blew the lid off the illegal activities.


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  • Rules to play Jai Alai

    Jai Alai foul rules

    These rules describe the situations when the fouls happen. The foul is committed when: 1) The ball strikes the screen, the wood part of the floor or any other indicated foul area.
    2) The ball strikes an overhead screen.
    3) A player catches the ball after the second bounce.
    4) A player holds the ball longer than allowed time before returning it.
    5) A ball bounces off the frontis and falls before an underserve line or beyond an overserve line.
    6) A served ball hits a side wall before the front wall (a frontis).
    7) A ball hits fault, underserve, overserve and pass lines.
    8) A ball hits a cloth of a Jai Alai player.
    9) A Jai Alai player fails to catch the ball.
    10) A Jai Alai player fails to catch the ball after the first bounce and before the second bounce.

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