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cucurbita maxima turbaniformis

1.squash plants bearing hard-shelled fruit shaped somewhat like a turban with a rounded central portion protruding from the end opposite the stem

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  • cucurbita maxima
  • cucurbita foetidissima
  • cucurbita argyrosperma
  • cucurbita
  • cucurbit
  • cucumis sativus
  • cucumis melo reticulatus
  • cucumis melo inodorus
  • cucumis melo cantalupensis
  • cucumis melo
  • cucurbita mixta
  • cucurbita moschata
  • cucurbita pepo
  • cucurbita pepo melopepo
  • cucurbitaceae
  • cucurbitaceous
  • cud
  • cudbear
  • cuddle
  • cuddlesome
  • table-tennis racquet
  • grifola frondosa
  • housebreaking
  • breathing spell
  • double-chinned
  • obstipate
  • pungency
  • forth
  • bolster
  • limbic brain

  • Idiom of the Day

    see red
    to become angry
    My friend saw red last night when I told him about the broken DVD player.

    After supper, Henry and his family went home. Later that evening the phone rang.Man's voice: Oh, Mr. Orpington. I've been trying to reach you all day. This is Paul Harris. I called you this morning but I was cut off. It was a bad line or something.Henry: Well, what about the bomb?Harris: The bomb? What on ________ do you mean?Henry: That's what I'd like to know. You said, I want to warn you about a bomb.

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    Malaysia , World
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