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curb service

1.service provided to customers who remain intheir vehicles

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  • Idiom of the Day

    get an earful
    to hear much talk or criticism or complaints about something
    Our boss got an earful when he asked the employees if they had any complaints.

    These trousers are my size, they perfectly ________ me.

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  • Weird English Movie Names

    Jacobs Ladder

    Tim Robbins plays a Vietnam Vet who finds himself in some wacky situations. Its a screwball comedy with an all-star cast that brings the laughs about how silly ole Jacob is having a gosh-darn hard time getting his life together.Oh, sorry. Got sidetracked there. I suppose thats wishful thinking. Jacobs Ladder is actually one of the more disturbing and dark films youll ever see. Jacob is trying to get his life together, but its because hes haunted by the most fucked-up hallucinations and nightmares a man could go through, ranging from creatures on subways, men with no faces trying to hunt him to his dead son appearing to him. Its not a fun ride and is probably the darkest film to watch on this entire list. If you havent seen it, youve been warned. If youve already seen it, Im willing to bet you arent jumping up to watch it a second time.

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