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1.true weevils: snout beetles

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  • curbstone
  • curbside
  • curbing
  • curbed
  • curb service
  • curb roof
  • curb market
  • curb bit
  • curb
  • curatorship
  • curcuma
  • curcuma domestica
  • curcuma longa
  • curd
  • curdle
  • curdled
  • curdling
  • cure
  • cure-all
  • cured
  • plate iron
  • multidimensional language
  • western mugwort
  • articulate
  • drug cartel
  • jacques lucien monod
  • genus desmanthus
  • with approval
  • lymphocytopenia
  • crawford

  • Idiom of the Day

    choke (something) off or choke off (something)
    to force something to an end or to a stop
    The government was able to choke off the flow of money to the criminal gang.

    prudent is most dissimilar to

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  • Ranking The Best Fighters In The World

    Omar Narvaez

    Junior Bantamweight 32 0 2 (19) Last Year s Ranking: 57 Status Report: Are we being xenophobic if we say we d like Narvaez to fight in the United States already? He should take it as a compliment. We like undefeated guys as much as anybody, and Narvaez stayed that way in 2010 with wins over Santiago Acosta (W 10) in a non title bout and Evirth Briceno for some bogus title (W 12). Both took place in Argentina. Future: How about a showdown with excellent Mexican Hugo Cazares?

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