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1.true weevils: snout beetles

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  • curbstone
  • curbside
  • curbing
  • curbed
  • curb service
  • curb roof
  • curb market
  • curb bit
  • curb
  • curatorship
  • curcuma
  • curcuma domestica
  • curcuma longa
  • curd
  • curdle
  • curdled
  • curdling
  • cure
  • cure-all
  • cured
  • holy roller
  • abstractionist
  • divided highway
  • meritorious
  • magistrature
  • crop failure
  • wall creeper
  • panamanian capital
  • dispiritedly
  • wistfulness

  • Idiom of the Day

    holy cats
    used to express strong feelings of astonishment or pleasure or anger
    "Holy cats, the water is rising over the river bank."

    He was ________ up in the countryside.

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  • Rules to play Gymnastics


    Multi piece clubs are the most popular clubs. The club is built along an internal rod, providing a base on which a handle made of polyolefin plastic is wrapped, providing an airspace between it and the internal rod. This airspace provides flex, cushioning impact, making the club softer on the hands. Foam ends and knobs further cushion the club. Multi piece clubs are made in both a thin European style or larger bodied American style and in various lengths, generally ranging from 19 to 21 inches (480 to 530 mm). The handles and bodies are typically wrapped with decorative plastics and tapes. The skills involved are apparatus mastery and body elements, Clubs are thrown from alternate hands; each passes underneath the other clubs and is caught in the opposite hand to the one from which it was thrown. At its simplest, each club rotates once per throw, the handle moving down and away from the throwing hand at first. However, double and triple spins are frequently performed, allowing the club to be thrown higher for more advanced patterns and to allow tricks such as 360s to be performed underneath.

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