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1.true weevils: snout beetles

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  • curbstone
  • curbside
  • curbing
  • curbed
  • curb service
  • curb roof
  • curb market
  • curb bit
  • curb
  • curatorship
  • curcuma
  • curcuma domestica
  • curcuma longa
  • curd
  • curdle
  • curdled
  • curdling
  • cure
  • cure-all
  • cured
  • pierce
  • order hymenoptera
  • spangle
  • regulative
  • baltic state
  • hudson bay collared lemming
  • california pompano
  • pacifistically
  • chang kuo
  • croatia

  • Idiom of the Day

    pick one's way through (something)
    to work slowly through written material
    I picked my way through the material that I had to study for the exam.

    They negotiated for hours and still could not talk ________ their differences

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  • Rules to play Kickball

    Play ends

    When the pitcher has the ball in control and on the mound. A runner intentionally touches or stops the ball the runner is out Interference is when any nonfielder, runner, or nonpermanent object touches the ball. Any time there is interference, play automatically ends and runners proceed to the base to which they were headed.

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