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1.a photometer that can be used to locate and identify chemical compounds in a cell by measuring the intensity of the light that passes through stained sections of the cytoplasm

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  • cytopenia
  • cytopathogenic
  • cytomembrane
  • cytomegalovirus
  • cytomegalic
  • cytolytic
  • cytolysis
  • cytolysin
  • cytology
  • cytologist
  • cytophotometric
  • cytophotometrically
  • cytophotometry
  • cytoplasm
  • cytoplasmatic
  • cytoplasmic
  • cytoplasmically
  • cytoplast
  • cytoplastic
  • cytosine
  • psychiatry
  • unfulfilled
  • paspalum dilatatum
  • jatropha urens
  • perithelial
  • astrological
  • french omelet
  • legless lizard
  • pauli
  • impracticableness

  • Idiom of the Day

    set type
    to arrange type for printing
    The small printing company worked all night to set type for the local paper.


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  • Things Successful Teachers Do Differently

    Successful teachers welcome change in the classroom

    This relates to the above tip, but in a slightly different way. Have you ever been so bored with your house or your bedroom, only to rearrange it and have it feel like a new room? Change ignites the brain with excitement and adventure. Change your classroom to keep your students on their toes. Simple changes like rearranging desks and routines can breathe new life in the middle of a long year.

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