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1.having no known beginning and presumably no end
2.of such great duration as to preclude the possibility of being assigned a date
3.not bearing a date
4.unaffected by time

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  • dated
  • dateable
  • date-nut bread
  • date-mark
  • date stamp
  • date rape
  • date plum
  • date palm
  • date of reference
  • date line
  • dateline
  • datemark
  • dating
  • dative
  • dative bond
  • dative case
  • datril
  • datum
  • datura
  • datura arborea
  • vaporise
  • scarab
  • citroncirus webberi
  • hemingway
  • overreaching
  • typing paper
  • eschatologically
  • blandness
  • megrims
  • professionalise

  • Idiom of the Day

    go bananas
    to go crazy, to become silly, to become angry
    The father went bananas after he discovered that his son had taken the family car.

    Linda: Oh yes. I don't know why I was so ________ I think flying is great!

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  • Xmas Lights

    Unlit Structures

    Lights are meant mostly for ambiance, but they can also serve double duty as backdrops for showcasing seasonal yard structures. When placing holiday structures in the yard, its wise to keep them unlit, instead relying on the ambient glow of the house.

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