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deal out

1.administer or bestow, as in small portions

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  • deal
  • deafness
  • deafening
  • deafened
  • deafen
  • deaf-mutism
  • deaf-muteness
  • deaf-mute
  • deaf-and-dumb person
  • deaf-and-dumb
  • dealer
  • dealership
  • dealfish
  • dealignment
  • dealing
  • dealings
  • dealt out
  • deaminate
  • deamination
  • deaminization
  • practice bundling
  • rumination
  • gerhard kremer
  • table napkin
  • cape may
  • pummel
  • tetrachloride
  • eocene epoch
  • gorse
  • blood cyst

  • Idiom of the Day

    think twice (about something)
    to think very carefully about something
    "You should think twice before you quit your job."

    The flock of ________ stayed together.

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  • Ayurvedic Medicine


    Holy basil (E), Tulsi (H):

    As its Latin name implies it is considered a very sacred plant. It is high in sattva imparting the quality of lightness and spiritual clarity. An excellent herb for lifting the heaviness of fevers, coughs and colds.

    Lungs Tulsi clears kapha and mucus from the lungs and upper respiratory tract. Its action on rasa dhatu helps treat fevers and flu by encouraging sweating and therefore bringing the temperature down. Its action on pranavahasrotas is used in asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis and other respiratory allergies. Human clinical trials have shown that tulsi can increase vital lung capacity and reduce laboured breathing. Tulsi specifically increases prana and the vital life force. Its pungency and penetrating nature clears the dampness and toxic ama that can cause chest infections and fevers. Its prabhava or special power is to be used in all fevers regardless of their cause. Digestion Its aromatic pungency helps to move vata through the intestines and calms a fermentive digestive tract. It moves apana vayu downwards. It also increases the appetite and is a good warming stimulant to the digestion. It acts on medas-dhatu-agni and can help to reduce weight as well as be used to reduce blood sugar and total cholesterol levels. Nerves Used as a mild nervine for heightening awareness and mental clarity. A tea of the leaves is also used for tension headaches from high vata and from congestion headaches from excess kapha. Heart Its affinity for rasa dhatu helps to increase circulation through the heart where there is congestion from high vata and kapha.

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