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1.removal of the amino radical from an amino acid or other amino compound

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  • deamination
  • deaminate
  • dealt out
  • dealings
  • dealing
  • dealignment
  • dealfish
  • dealership
  • dealer
  • deal out
  • deaminize
  • dean
  • dean acheson
  • dean gooderham acheson
  • dean martin
  • dean swift
  • deanery
  • deanship
  • dear
  • dearest
  • willowy
  • despite
  • azure aster
  • bay leaf
  • dichromat
  • cannula
  • teammate
  • cavalry
  • regional anaesthesia
  • selenium cell

  • Idiom of the Day

    from side to side
    moving from one side to the other again and again
    The boat was rocking from side to side during the big storm.

    If someone tears into you, they criticize you strongly.

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  • Camera Action

    Use Flash when absolutely required

    A flash light should be considered as your secondary light source. Try to capture shots in the natural lights, your flash should be used to supplement existing light rather than as the primary way of lighting a scene. If you use flash as the primary source of light, the pictures will not look very natural. So use the flash when it is absolutely required.

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