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1.a period of 10 years

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  • decency
  • december 8
  • december 31
  • december
  • deceleration
  • decelerate
  • deceivingly
  • deceiver
  • deceive
  • deceitfulness
  • decennium
  • decentalisation
  • decently
  • decentralisation
  • decentralise
  • decentralised
  • decentralising
  • decentralization
  • decentralize
  • decentralized
  • lachrymal secretion
  • trap line
  • barleycorn
  • united states postal service
  • bellis perennis
  • cloven foot
  • shielder
  • hayfork
  • angle of inclination
  • anarchically

  • Idiom of the Day

    put (someone) down as (something bad)
    to judge that someone is bad or undesirable in some way
    The store clerk immediately put the young man down as someone who may steal something in the store.

    When the bus pulled out, I held ________ to the rail.

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  • Snow White

    Snow White Step 4

    But as Snow White grew older, she also grew more beautiful. And the Queen became very jealous. One day the magic mirror told the Queen that someone else was the fairest in the land. It was the princess, Snow White! In a jealous rage, the Queen called her royal huntsman into the throne room. Take Snow White far into the forest and kill her, she commanded. And as proof of your deed, bring me back her heart in this.

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