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1.that must be declared

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  • declamatory
  • declamation
  • declaim
  • deckled
  • deckle-edged
  • deckle edge
  • deckle
  • deckhand
  • decker
  • decked out
  • declaration
  • declaration of estimated tax
  • declaration of independence
  • declarative
  • declarative mood
  • declarative sentence
  • declaratory
  • declaratory sentence
  • declare
  • declare oneself
  • abortionist
  • postpositive
  • fixed-point number
  • self-deceit
  • clock off
  • down-to-earth
  • genus vultur
  • inorganic
  • melicocca bijuga
  • marie dolores eliza rosanna gilbert

  • Idiom of the Day

    fair to middling
    a little better than acceptable, so-so
    I was feeling fair to middling when my friend asked me how I was.

    Low consumer demand has forced the retailer to mark ________ a wide range of goods by as much as 40%.

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  • Rules to play Snow Sledding

    The Origins of Snow Tubing

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