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1.of a leaf shape deltoid n.
1.a large triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint and serving to abduct and flex and extend and rotate the arm

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  • deltasone
  • delta wave
  • delta rhythm
  • delta ray
  • delta iron
  • delta hepatitis
  • delta
  • delphinus delphis
  • delphinus
  • delphinium ajacis
  • deltoid eminence
  • deltoid leaf
  • deltoid muscle
  • deltoid tuberosity
  • delude
  • deluge
  • delusion
  • delusional
  • delusional disorder
  • delusions of grandeur
  • high-ceilinged
  • spoiler
  • pitch into
  • druggist
  • petulant
  • straight-arm
  • rus
  • heifer
  • finno-ugric-speaking
  • restrictive

  • Idiom of the Day

    heart goes out to (someone)
    one feels sympathy for someone
    My heart goes out to the victims of the railway accident.

    ________ you mind if I told them?

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  • Fish Aquarium

    Head and Tail Light Tetra

    The Head and Tail Light Tetra grows to about 2 inches in length and does best in shoals. Colors are more intense with dark gravel and background. Females are just a bit larger than males and have a fuller, deeper underbelly. These fish are also sometimes referred to as Beaconfish.

    Living Environment : The Head and Tail Light Tetra does fine on flake and freeze-dried foods, but it benefits from the occasional feeding of live brine shrimp, as do all tetras.

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