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2.of very poor quality or condition
3.bringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure

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  • depletion
  • depleted
  • deplete
  • depletable
  • deplane
  • depilous
  • depilatory
  • depilator
  • depilation
  • depilate
  • deplorably
  • deplore
  • deploy
  • deployment
  • deplumate
  • deplume
  • depokene
  • depolarisation
  • depolarise
  • depolarization
  • whaling gun
  • premenopausal
  • turning
  • snide
  • antennariidae
  • artistically
  • clown anemone fish
  • acidulous
  • skunk cabbage
  • aepyceros melampus

  • Idiom of the Day

    freak out
    to become angry or lose control of oneself
    I freaked out when I discovered that my reservation had not been made.

    His invention showed that he understood what was going to happen in the future and proved he was ________ of his time.

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  • Benefits of Lime


    Limes and lime juice can be of great importance. Citrus fruits in general have feverreducing qualities, and if the fever is very high, the patients diet should be restricted to lemon juice and water. However, if the fever is mild to moderate, other fruit juices, particularly citrus juices like lime juice, can be administered in order to bring the fever back a manageable level. VitaminC, found in high concentrations in citrus fruits, naturallylowers the temperatureof the body.

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