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1.lower someone's spirits
2.lower (prices or markets)
3.cause to drop or sink
4.press down
5.lessen the activity or force of

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  • depredation
  • depreciatory
  • depreciator
  • depreciative
  • depreciation rate
  • depreciation charge
  • depreciation allowance
  • depreciation
  • depreciating
  • depreciate
  • depressant
  • depressed
  • depressed fracture
  • depressing
  • depressingly
  • depression
  • depressive
  • depressive disorder
  • depressor
  • depressor muscle
  • air attache
  • johann mendel
  • genus avahi
  • government building
  • paraldehyde
  • wall plate
  • sensually
  • dream
  • anomalistic year
  • genus pitta

  • Idiom of the Day

    send (someone) about his or her business
    to send someone away (in an unfriendly manner)
    I sent the man about his business when he interrupted my work last evening.


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  • Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves

    kill microorganisms

    This essential oil can kill microorganisms, stimulate circulation, and reduce swelling; these qualities have led to many people using fenugreek oil in home remedies foracne, boils, and numbness. Taken internally, fenugreek can lower hypertension and cholesterol, making it a tonic for the heart. It can also be used as a diuretic to relieve water retention. In addition, the oil has a reputation of soothing the nervous system and stopping muscle spasms.

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