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1.reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others

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  • devilize
  • devilishly
  • devilish
  • devilise
  • devilfish
  • deviled egg
  • devil-worship
  • devil-may-care
  • devil's weed
  • devil's walking stick
  • devilry
  • deviltry
  • devilwood
  • devious
  • deviously
  • deviousness
  • devisal
  • devise
  • devisee
  • deviser
  • original
  • peridotite
  • musca volitans
  • threatened abortion
  • klemens metternich
  • partial breach
  • shepherd's purse
  • uncooked
  • cuspidated
  • saurel

  • Idiom of the Day

    have a frog in one's throat
    to have a feeling of a hoarse throat, to be unable to speak
    I had a frog in my throat and could not speak easily in front of the class.

    The first time we ________ was just the other day

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  • Precautions while using Mobile Phones

    Minimal reduction of exposure

    If you must carry your cell phone on you, it is preferable that the keypad is positioned toward your body and the back is positioned toward the outside of your body. Depending on the thickness of the phone this may provide a minimal reduction of exposure.

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